"The Holden" Ingredients consist of •1/4lb deli roast beef •Sandwich loaf of bread •1 slice of bacon •1 slice of deli Havarti cheese •6 cucumber slices •½ an avocado •pinch of salt •pinch of pepper •teaspoon of olive oil Bread and butter Roast beef from the deli at stated brothers. The $9.99lb one NOT the $10.99lb it has too much pickle flavor Half of an avocado Deli-sliced havarti cheese Salt, pepper, and half of your oil Bacon Mayooooo Cucumber Oil and season the other side of the bread Serve with ginger beer

COVID creations: ¨The Holden¨


I know being home all the time can get pretty boring, so one of the things that I do to keep myself busy is cooking. Food tastes so much better when you cook it yourself so I'm showing you how to make a Holden Sandwich. Right before quarantine and what seems like 10 years ago, I would sell these things at school for $10 a piece and surprisingly, a lot of people bought them. These were so good to have at school because they're so big you can eat them throughout the entire day. I would eat it in almost every period of the day, even in Mr. Holton's class, despite not allowing eating and he'd send me outside. As long as I was outside with this sandwich, I was happy.