This is my family’s first pet, Cinnamon. He’s a golden retriever mix, although we are unsure what other breed he is mixed with. We think he might be partially cocker spaniel. We adopted him when I was in kindergarten. He loves to play, take long naps on the couch while my family watches movies, and bark very loudly at the neighbors when they walk by the backyard. This is our second pet, Ginny, and yes, she’s named after the character in Harry Potter. We got her when I was in fifth grade and she was just a tiny kitten then. She can be a bit temperamental sometimes, but she’s very sweet. She loves soft blankets and despite her acting all tough, she loves to cuddle. Meet Milo, our third family pet. He’s very affectionate and a little clingy… and a trouble maker. He knocks over houseplants and tries to jump on top of my lizard’s terrarium. He’s no longer allowed in that room without supervision, and my lizard is okay don’t worry! That’s just Milo being curious. This is Cowboy, my crested gecko. He is most active at night because he’s nocturnal. He moves around very quickly and likes to hide in his leaves when he sleeps during the day. He loves crickets and climbing around on his log. He was given to me by a friend of mine last year as a birthday gift.

Meet My Pets!


By Leah Rodriquez: Staff Writer